My name is Nils Palsson and I am running for Congress.


We are living in epic times and we all know it.

The deck is stacked against the common citizen and we all know it.

The time has come for us to get it together and vote for change!


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On The Issues

As a Member of Congress, I will work for -- I will stand for, fight for, make waves for -- social and economic justice for all.

Here's where I stand. My top priorities include:

  • Getting Money Out of Politics. Campaign finance reform, public elections, ending 'Citizens United' and affirming once and for all that corporations are not people. This is top priority because it deeply affects every other issue.
  • Economic Justice for All. Fair pay for all, job creation, taxing Wall Street, eliminating corporate loopholes and holding white-collar criminals accountable.
  • Climate Leadership. Global warming requires more than words. We must lead the charge to protect our home planet and the future of our grandchildren. Getting free from fossil fuels requires visionary leadership and bold action. We also all need healthy food and clean watersheds to thrive. To accomplish any of this, we need to elect a New Congress.
  • Quality Health Care for All. America is the only leading country that does not guarantee health care to every child, woman and man. I will fight for real, universal, single-payer health care that works for all of our families. 
  • Quality Education for All. We must invest in the future of America by investing in our education. Our children deserve more than testing: every child deserves a quality education. I will fight for universal pre-school, improved classroom conditions for all, and tuition-free public universities. I'll also work to reform the predatory system of college debt so that our future leaders and innovators are free to create.
  • Ending Systemic Racism & Mass-Incarceration. I stand in solidarity with all oppressed people. Together, we will end the for-profit prison industry and the disastrous 'war on drugs.' An America with the largest number of incarcerated people of any country on the planet is simply unacceptable. We must also put an end to police brutality, and bring economic empowerment to communities in need. 
  • Fair and Respectful Immigration Policy. Creo que nadie es ilegal. I believe that no one is illegal.  We are a nation of immigrants, and we must honor and respect all people, regardless of language or national origin. I stand for fair pay and fair treatment for all, and I support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Diversity is essential to our wellbeing, and we're going to need to learn to share if we want to make it.
  • All of this really just requires better sharing. We need to remember that the wealthiest one-tenth of 1% have more resources than the bottom 90%. We can all have our needs met. It is just going to require everyone to play fair.

Join the Political Revolution!


  • A Just Trade Policy. I vigorously oppose the TPP and any other agreement that would derail the human rights, labor standards, environmental laws and corporate regulations we have fought for generations to enact. I support fair trade legislation that benefits the people and respects the planet. 
  • A Just Foreign Policy of peace, respect, diplomacy, and decolonization. All people deserve self-determination and freedom from empire. Any military action we take must have clear goals and objectives, and must respect human life.  We must rein in weapons spending, end torture, close Guantanamo Bay, keep the NSA in check, and ensure that our government observes the rule of law and respects
    the rights to privacy, due process, and freedom from fear.
  • Honoring Veterans. The men and women who serve this country deserve to be treated with great respect. I support truly honoring these heroes by expanding veterans' services.
  • Women's Rights & Equal Pay. I will sponsor a new Equal Rights Amendment, because we are all equals and it's about time that be recognized by law. I stand firmly for a woman's right to choose what to do with her body.
  • LGBTQ Equality and Solidarity. We are one. I support a human's right to love whomever she or he chooses. Anyone who doesn't like that really needs to get over it.
  • Respect for Indigenous People. We need to recognize what happened here when this country was colonized, honor our indigenous communities, and share more equitably.
  • Listening to You. In addition to standing in firm solidarity with people and planet, and standing in my own integrity on all issues, I believe the Representative's job is to represent the needs, concerns and voices of the voters. Since I don't take any money from super-PACs or shady lobbyists, you can trust that my allegiance is to Main Street, not Wall Street. I serve the community, and I am not for sale.

To accomplish any of this, we need to elect a New Congress.

I am here to serve. And I respectfully ask for your vote.